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Alachua County Department of Public Safety
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Local Organizations:
North Florida Amateur Radio Club, NF4RC
Alachua EOC Radio Club, NF4AC
Alachua CERT
Northern Florida District
Florida SERT

National Organizations:
FCC Amateur Service

Power for HTs

Empty Battery HT HT batteries usually snap or clip on the back, and it's worth while to get a spare. There are often high-capacity batteries available from the manufacturer and third-party companies. You can get battery packs which hold standard AA or AAA batteries, for use when chargers can't be found but household batteries are available.
For uses in stable locations, you can plug in to the wall, or a car outlet, or some other DC power source. Check your HT's specs to see whether it can run from a nominal 12-volt source directly. HT Power Plug
AC Adapter The standard AC adapter and transformer, or "wall wort" should always be part of your go-kit. Don't waste battery power if you're stationed at a desk and electricity is available.
A car adapter is great for driving, or pulling power from generators and other electrical devices which have built-in cigarette-lighter sockets. A good car adapter will have circuitry to minimize alternater whine and other electrical noise from a car or generator. Car Adapter
Power Poles If you operate with multiple power sources, you can put Anderson Power Pole ends on a spare cord with the right adapter for your HT. Power Pole connectors are becoming a standard among ARES operators, so you can share power with other hams if you use them. It's also faster and more reliable to connect and disconnect multiple power sources with these ends than other plugs.
A common battery in UPSes, alarm systems and other household electronics is the 12-volt, 7 Amp-hour battery. (They may also be listed as 7.2 or even 8Ah.) These are sealed gel-cell batteries which can safely be operated inside cars, boats, and shelters without risk of spillage. Bring along a charger for these batteries, too. 12V 7Ah Battery
Battery With Power Poles A little spare wire, some Anderson Power Poles, and some cable clamps make a simple power supply with strain relief to keep the cables from pulling loose. This battery is carried in a nylon pouch, and attached to my HT by the cable above. A full 24-hour shift in a shelter barely drained the battery while operating my HT on 5 watts transmit power.

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